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i get asked the question: "So, what do you actually do ?"ALL OF THE TIME.  Depending on my mood, the day and, frankly, the asker of the question, i answer in one of two ways:  A. "I do contract creative services" or B. "I am making a chandelier out of china doll heads, having 50 guests' names embroidered on handmade madras plaid lobster bibs for a rockin' lobster boil, planning a large outdoor formal seated dinner for 100 people, madly searching for discontinued St. Augustine grass formica, a tiny refrigerator for a tiny house and an antique big top red & white striped circus tent. 


this is why I am so excited to pull back the curtains and fling open the doors to EPPD.  We do a lot, we love what we do, we do them well, we love every minute of it and we want to do more. 


at eppd

we approach each of our services in the exact same way --by listening to our clients. there is always a mention of a color, smell, secret desire, moment from a movie that one wants to replicate.


We understand that everything we do is a reflection of you. We take that seriously. We love a challenge, a sense of humor and, more than anything, exceeding expectations.  The details do matter.

We like to say,

"if you are going to do it, it might as well be fabulous," 

but always with a



I am very excited to introduce our newest service:  "Source & Find" which has naturally evolved over the past few years. I am thrilled to have become the "go-to-girl" for finding the impossible. recents finds include duth china patterns in Holland (translator and all), period clothing, mutant taxidermy, antique medical equipment, pianos, armoires, chandeliers and rickshaws.

we have a top-secret internal competion for the most unusual request.

Wanna be the winner?



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